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Our Story


Jaguar Coffee founders, Juan and Mario, would like to think they are superheroes. Not the Batman and Wolverine kind, but the kind who think you deserve the freshest, best-tasting coffee as quickly as possible. These lifelong friends decided to make this happen, and from this idea Jaguar Coffee was born. 

Juan and Mario draw inspiration from their shared ancestry of Michoacan, Mexico, a UNESCO site recognized for its cuisine. There, the days start with coffee and end with family sitting around the table snacking on freshly baked bread, sipping coffee, and chatting about their day. They are proud to bring the best coffee delivered from their roasting site to your cup.

 We hope you enjoy every drop of our delicious coffee.

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Mario is a self-professed coffee addict who began his journey into the coffee world by enjoying a cup or two with friends. These memories inspire him to create these special coffee moments for others. Mario’s role at Jaguar Coffee is to research the best coffee in the world so he can bring it to you and your friends. After the coffee mug is empty, he enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and spending quality time with his family and friends. 



Juan is a lifelong coffee enthusiast. Having annoyed his mom as a toddler for “cafecito” he would later chomp on chocolate covered coffee beans to get through college. When Juan isn’t busy hunting for bigfoot he handles the “bidness” side of things at Jaguar Coffee. He is most at home at the family farm in Michoacan, MX.