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Jaguar Coffee



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REGION : October - February
ROAST : Light
ALTITUDE : 1370-1830 meters
PROCESS : Fully washed and sun dried
FLAVOR PROFILE : Cherry, molasses, floral with a tea-like quality


Life is busy. And sometimes you simply need that jumpstart in the morning before you do anything else. Whether you’re getting ready for that morning work presentation, nursing a pounding head from dancing the night away or chasing the kids trying to get them ready for school, the Guatemalan specialty roast is for you. The light roast of this bean maximizes the caffeine for a delicious morning jolt. 


These sun-dried beans are grown in fertile volcanic soil providing a mild acidity making them perfect for that first cup of coffee in the morning, which we all know is usually on an empty stomach. A light roast boasts high levels of caffeine, the Guatemalan bean finishes clean and crisp on your tongue making you feel invigorated and ready for the day. This single-origin is a combination of various specialty bean varieties grown within the San Marcos region. 


Grown in San Marcos, Guatemala, the beans are sourced from a small farming community located more than 4,500 feet above sea level. Coffee cultivated at these altitudes matures slowly creating inherent consistency and rich taste attributes. We work with farm cooperatives to maintain a direct-trade with the community. 

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